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My company is all about Regatta's. Organising and sailing Regatta's is my passion.

It started 6 years ago when I had enough of my job as interim crisismanager.  So I picked up on an old passion, sailing regatta's! Started in a X79 and quickly after that I was asked to help organise a summer series in Naarden.


Loved it from the start. Helping sailors get better through professionally organised regatta's and at the same time improving the experience. Which let to a significant growth in the number of participating boats.

From there it took off with  the FBC winterseries in 2015, the NSR and the M32 in 2018. My dream is stil to organise a Volvo Ocean Race or an America's Cup.


But till then I'm satisfied with seeing big smiles on the faces of regatta sailors. My current boat is a J/105, homeport Scheveningen.

Take care and have fun,

Frans Driessen

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